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Marco de referencia para la integración de recursos web como servicios de e-learning en .LRN

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dc.description.abstract The present work of Master is framed in the context of E-learning supported by the Learning Management System LMS, specifically in LRN, that is a free software platform and it has services to support an educational process on line, but likewise, it identifies a variety of web services that the LMS doesn´t have. With this, it starts a study about technology that allows to integrate services about educational themes to the platform. Proposing as objective to elaborate a reference framework to integrate web resources that provides e-learning services in LRN. After to characterize educational web resources and services, to generate integration criteria and architectural guidelines. In order to achieve these objectives it approaches a documentary research where it results related works, also, possible integration technologies to be used and web resources that provides educational services can be integrated at the LMS, Similarly, it identifies architectural aspects from the platform to propose a framework that integrates web resource to it. As finally results it obtains characterization of web resources and educational services, it generates integration criteria and guidelines to integrate web resources at .LRN ,these results give the possibility to increase the number of services to the platform and they are validated in a studio case. Implemented in a studio case at the Educational Institution in Cauca Colombia Department in a rural area. In conclusion, with the criteria and integration guidelines proposed and implemented in the studio case which involves a group of teachers and students, it gets a better academicals results in subjects which support educational process in LMS compared with students that can not use it. A theoretical basis and technical support remains for future work, such as integrating an LMS resource to another. en
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dc.title Marco de referencia para la integración de recursos web como servicios de e-learning en .LRN es
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