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A conceptual model for query processing in wireless sensors: An application to the agriculture

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dc.description.abstract Background: The Agri-food sector, along with other application domains, obtain high benefits from the monitoring capacity of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). This kind of applications should supply the users’ needs while integrated with different information systems. Such requirements could be seamlessly achieved in a model-driven approach through a complete and effective conceptual design phase. Current model-driven approaches allow to model WSN applications considering different communication and processing configurations. However, to the best of our knowledge, they do not allow for a complete and clear description of the node’s data and the aggregation operations applied to them. Aims: The main aim of this thesis is to define a conceptual model for processing aggregation queries inside individual wireless sensor nodes of agriculture-oriented WSN. Modelling WSN data behaviour is relevant since it would allow to evaluate the capacity of an application for supplying the end-user needs, increase the cooperation capacity between the system’s designers, engineers, scientists and users, and define a transparent integration with different data-centric information systems. Methods: To achieve this aim, this thesis was divided in four steps. In the first place, a systematic mapping with review allowed to describe the problem domain for an agricultural application. In the second place, a systematic literature review allowed to characterize the main wireless sensors used in agriculture. In the third place, a conceptual modelling process allowed to define an abstract representation of the wireless sensors’ data behaviour in UML, including the description of the data gathering, aggregation and delivering operations. Finally, in the fourth place, a thorough validation process with academics, case studies and CASE-Tool testing allowed to prove the feasibility of the proposed model. en
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dc.title A conceptual model for query processing in wireless sensors: An application to the agriculture en
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