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Imaginarios de educación ambiental en la vereda ‘"Clarete Alto" del municipio de Popayán

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dc.description.abstract This final research report aims to provide educational solutions to the environmental problem in the village of Clarete Alto, municipality of Popayán, due to the continuous deterioration of eco - systemic relationships on the part of its inhabitants. This research aimed to understand the imagery of environmental education related to the practices and formative processes of the community and how, from them, pedagogical and community strategies can be interwoven that emerge from their own daily experiences for the approach of That learning in that rural context influenced or affected by these social relations. It was necessary to search for the meanings that are generated in the relation 'Community - Environment' because today it is a survival imperative to qualify the quality of social relations in reference to the rational use of natural goods and their preservation, conservation and enjoyment and One of those means of knowledge and intervention in this problem is to provide an Environmental Education. As a research methodology, the 'Grounded Theory' was applied, which allows the generation of theory based on discourses collected in the specific community context and which later form theoretical formulations of the same reality. The most significant findings of the research process are that the community has managed to integrate traditional knowledge with productive practices by establishing educational strategies within which the "Water Festival" is highlighted, allowing the path to establish a community environmental education in context and Which serves as a model to be implemented in other communities with similar social, cultural, economic and geographical characteristics. The imagery of environmental education on the sidewalk allows us to understand that it transcends a curricular model and includes a social historical construction that is transformed with the daily living of its inhabitants. en
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