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Agroecología en contexto rural

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dc.description.abstract This document presents the research realized in the master of the line of investigation teaching of science and technology, which purpose is to unveil the sense that 11th grade students from the institution of Casas Bajas, located in Cajibio, vereda Santa Teresa, Cauca’s department Grant to agro ecology. It is necessary to highlight Colombian’s educational system, it has educational institutions that make part of rural contexts, with agro environmental and agroecologist emphasis, making possible to orientate learning to develop clean agricultural practices as an opportunity in order to engage students with their natural and social context, likewise, the research project is called Agro ecology in rural context, it arises from student’s need to develop their agricultural work in a more environmentally friendly way, from a critical thinking. From here arises the question: what meanings do agro ecology give eleventh-grade students from the Casas Bajas Educational Institution? From this question, the project methodologically addressed an historical - hermeneutic approach that allowed to visualize the dimensions of the problem, through the ethnographic method, which counted on methodologically techniques and instruments like observations of agro ecology classes for the description of practice’s students in agro ecology lessons, questionnaires and surveys filled out to identify the importance of agro ecology in rural students life, and interviews for the agro ecology comparison practices in school, in the face of the importance that agro ecology has for them, these techniques generated the findings of the research process through eight categories: the community as the development of a common interest, the territory as a basis for sustainability, the importance of agro ecology for the environment, the sense of agro ecology in a rural context with a vision of territory, the sense of the environment through agro ecology , the sense of sustainability as a means of conserving natural resources for future generations, practices mediated by a critical thinking with a vision of sustainability from agro ecology and practices from the community with a vision of territory in a rural context. en
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