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The reading adventure through computer

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dc.description.abstract Education has been influenced by the scientific, technological, and technical events during the last few years. It has generated some changes in the pedagogical approaches, which have managed to integrate technology in teaching – learning process. The computer, as technology applied to education, has dramatically transformed the way of thinking for some teachers. Thus, the use of computers as a pedagogical tool will support the educational labor as a motivator agent into the learning process in the classroom. In this way, the idea of resistance to change is disappearing. However, this use must be linked to software development according to the educational needs. The use of the educational software to enhance the reading comprehension of English texts for the sixth grade students is a proposal to solve some weakness related to English Reading Comprehension through a friendly computational tool (Inter – phase). It is important to clarify that the use of software programs will encourage the interest in sixth grade students. Finally, the use of educational software will create an attractive and suitable environment for the development of a new methodology to improve English Reading Comprehension in the classroom. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Universidad del Cauca en_US
dc.subject Educational software en_US
dc.subject Reading skill en_US
dc.subject English texts en_US
dc.subject Computer en_US
dc.title The reading adventure through computer en_US
dc.type Trabajos de grado en_US

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