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Screenwriting in the enhancement of English language learning

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dc.description.abstract This doctoral thesis explores screenplay writing as a didactic strategy in the enhancement of English language learning for both English language teachers and learners. The first chapters describe the existing literature in the field. They state the problem and the resulting research questions. They then provide a hypothesis, which emphasizes the potential positive use of screenwriting in Colombian EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learning settings as a significant contribution to the enhancement of English language learning. The following chapters focus on the thesis' theoretical basis, which supports the whole project, providing a thorough study of paramount terms such as expository writing, creative writing, screenplay writing and the systems of knowledge in EFL, which help detail the action plan and procedures in collecting data. The foundations of screenwriting as an advanced research model of creative writing are thoroughly examined as well as the theory of didactics and strategies for its execution. These relevant elements were considered to develop a cinematic-rhetorical analysis for suitable and thoughtful practice. In the last chapters, the results of the methodology are presented based on data obtained and analyzed from the participants in the whole study. It will be shown that significant findings emerged that contributed to the enhancement of English language learning through using screenwriting methods. These results highlighted an in-depth study of scriptwriting following the tenets of doctorate programs in creative writing, which is an innovative proposal for English teachers. Hence, this research provided an opportunity to acquire insights into the language field with academic implications to consider the appeal of film and the creation of scripts, breaking the conventions of academic writing. Throughout the study, screenwriting approaches will be described in detail, because they have hitherto had little scholarly attention. Thus, this thesis seeks to provide learners and language educators with an innovation that possesses real educational potential in Colombian contexts. Finally, it is suggested that screenwriting is a viable alternative, growing a set of skills relevant for enabling academic achievements; confronting issues encountered in the nation; and meeting the intellectual challenges in bilingual education. eng
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dc.publisher Universidad del Cauca spa
dc.subject Didactic strategy eng
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dc.subject Screenplay eng
dc.subject Screenwriting eng
dc.title Screenwriting in the enhancement of English language learning eng
dc.type Tesis doctorado spa
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